Month: November 2016

Sticky post Qualities To Encourage In Your Children

We all want our children to be good people one day, but that is determined by the way you raise them now. Children need to be taught things like trust and responsibility from an early age. Preparing them for having children of their own is as simple as buying them dolls and doll strollers. Once they start to play house, they will run a very successful household as adults.

Nobody likes a liar and nobody likes an untrustworthy person. Children should be taught from a young age that the truth should always be told even if it gets them in trouble. They should also be punished for lies and for breaking promises. Something as small as stealing a sibling’s candy should be treated seriously to impress upon them that stealing is never okay. This will lead to them being honest, open and trustworthy adults.

Responsibility is something that everyone has as they get older. Your children can start to learn responsibility in their toddler years by teaching them how to push their ‘baby’ in doll strollers and by having them help with small things around the house. Once they get older they will be responsible for their schoolwork. Help them by teaching them the basics of a study schedule and the importance of doing tasks long before they are due. This will help them during their school years and in the workplace.

doll strollers

Children are prone to temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want immediately. It may seem easier to give them what they want, but this teaches them that being impatient and angry is rewarded. When children throw tantrums, purposely withhold what they want. If it is something like a toy, consider grounding them from it for a full day. This will teach them a valuable lesson.